Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting Started

Today I am hoping to make a habit of making posts. Most importantly, trying to find my blog niche. Hopefully trying not to sound like a rambling lady that makes soap. First, I have a few projects around the house that I need to get going. Then I will feature some of my lab experiments...I mean, my soaps. I'm still learning new things by doing tons of reading and web research. I'm also a little worried about messing up perfectly good ingredients. I will add some pictures of my soaps later as well.

I have a sun room that was converted into a my office and soap work room with good intentions last summer and it screams for help now. It has been taken over by gym equipment, holiday decorations and tons of unorganized soap supplies. So as one would guess, I have a New Year's resolution to get it together.

I do want to make some new batches of soap. Sadly, I've not made any since August! I've been in a lull and need to get motivated. Now I have the time but organization is a must. This weekend will be a busy one. I decided to paint my own hanging shelves that are badly needed to store all the soap and aromatherapy books that I own. They multiply when you are a budding soap maker. My husband will be in charge of hanging them up. He is the hanging and measuring guy that knows how to use the power tools. A couple of months ago he made me some wooden loaf molds. I was so excited and proud of him. Soon I will load them up with some great smelling soap. I guess it's time to get a move on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey, Mom look what I can do! I can't believe I was able to create a blog. I'm not taking all the credit because anyone that knows me can say I'm not computer savvy. This a silly first post but this is new to me. I have trouble making choices for designs and it takes along time. Once I visited the website and sat for hours that seemed to run into days playing around with business cards. Maybe I'm a perfectionist or maybe obsessive. Don't know which one is a better flaw. Louis, if you are reading this please don't bust a gut. Surely when I have better things to chat about I will because I was born to blog!