Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Fever and Your Tongue

This evening I'm planning what soaps I will make tomorrow and Saturday. Hmmm...I guess something that smells good,looks good and feels good on the skin. I have tons of fragrances and essential oils. I'm wanting to create my own blends but I know that can be time consuming. We all know I hate waiting for anything and now couldn't come any sooner! I want to make lots of stuff and try to shake this Spring fever a bit.
A bit off topic but a bit amusing to me. I went to the dentist for a cleaning today and I had my usual thoughts while my mouth is wide open. When my nice hygienist cleans my teeth, does she get the same entertainment out of the cleaning as I do. I mean, I would imagine she gets tired of the people that have the "lazy tongue",the "fat tongue", or the "I don't know what do to with my tongue"people. As I'm lying there, I worry if my tongue is making her job difficult. Like whether or not my tongue is getting in the way and what not. So, finally in between the squirts and suctions, I ask "When your doing cleanings do you sometimes feel like your brushing your pets teeth?" She laughed and asked "Why?" with a giggle. I explain that," I feel like my dogs when they are getting their teeth brushed. I just don't know what to do with my tongue and I keep my eyes closed the whole time. What do you do with the tongues?" She said, "I don't even look at the tongues because I'm focused on the teeth and I have my tools to make them go where I want them." By then I'm about to choke on whatever is in my mouth at that time. Laughing while on your back with dentist equipment in your mouth, a suction thingy with water blasting away is a very bad idea! Right now for some reason this is still cracking me up as I'm typing through my own tearful laughter. Maybe it's not as funny now as it was then but I could only imagine what the guy in the next stall was thinking. I keep hearing myself ask,"What do you do with the tongues?" Be kind to your hygienist and mind your tongue!
Time to stop this nonsense. Hopefully, tomorrow night there will be some new pictures (that aren't out of focus).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oatmeal,Milk and Honey bar is a comforting combination of sweet almond and warm oatmeal topped with milk and drizzled with honey. I added ground oatmeal for interest and for it's soothing properties.

Honeysuckle is a walk down Memory Lane...when I would ride my bike down the country dirt road where my grandparents lived. This soap smells just like wild honeysuckle nectar. I love my swirls for this one.

Euphoria is a blend of jasmine,rose,and sandalwood essential oils. This scent is a sensual one. The floral notes are balanced with the earthy sandalwood. Even the guys like this one.

Oat Soap is made only with ground oatmeal. Fragrance and dye free. This soap is great for all skin types. A very gentle bar of soap. This bar would be great for shaving or washing delicate young skin.

Citrus Basil Tonic is a fresh and clean scent that has light hints of picked basil and citrus accords. This is a true unisex scent. Kiss that bar of Irish Spring goodbye!

Pomegranate is a sophisticated blend of both sweet and tart. I want to have a Pom martini when I get a whiff. Don't worry, no headaches after using this!

Lemongrass Zen is a crisp lemongrass scent that is combined with spearmint for a fresh herbal feel that evokes a Zen spa experience. Made with fragrance and essential oils.

My cluster of naked soap.

My Grapefruit Spa bar made with sea salt and it smells divine! A fresh,ripe grapefruit. This grapefruit is not a sugary sweet one but with more aroma from the peel. Scented with grapefruit fragrance and essential oils.

These are my Coconut and Lime Verbena Spa bars made with sea salt. Exfoliate and exfoliate ladies before tanning, whether you are getting sun outside or spray on tans, get rid of dead skin cells. These bars become smooth like polished stone.

Got Some Soap Made!

After 3 months of setting this blog up, I can now say I have made soap. It has been since August '08! That wasn't worthy of pictures...just plain, white soap. I can't call it castile because it only was made with 80% olive oil, 10% palm and 10% coconut. Even now it's hard as a rock. I'll try making pure olive oil soap when I don't mind waiting so long. With that said, I have been using another technique to make soap...CPOP. Don't get me wrong but I do like the cold process, I'm not the most patient person. Cold process in the oven is my answer. I love it so far. I've made 9 batches that way and only 2 did what they wanted to despite my pleads. Those batches I can blame a fragrance on one and water discount on another. I also have been using oxides and ultra marines for the first time and love them so far. I have been doing swirls in the pot and simple layering with some swirls. I long to make those beautiful swirls that are on the tops that are like confectionery treats or fabulous cappuccino tops. YUM.

Now with much encouragement from one of my soap buddies, Patrick Showalter at, I will get on the ball and make some soap. Yes, I need to figure out how to get all my pics up...